The Colour Jar is a range of artist designed paper products & stationery, tailored towards children and parents alike. 

I am a mom, and created The Colour Jar out of my own need for beautiful and practical goods to help raise my son and organize our family schedules in style. What I love about my products, they are very practical (tried and tested by a mom, myself) and still pleasing to the eye.

It all started when my little boy reached the age of potty training. I searched, but could not find any decent looking star charts to use. Especially for boys, there were no cute, age appropriated products on the market. I am a graphic designer by training, so I decided to design and illustrate my own. This got me thinking, what if I create a stationery and paper product range aimed at young kids? 

I began drawing a range of cute characters. I had so much fun with it. All the characters are based on actual kids I know, each one have a little story to tell.

I am always busy drawing new things, re-thinking every product I do, and trying to better my range. I draw inspiration from everything around me. The beautiful city I live in (Cape Town), all the kids in our lives (they often inspire a new character in my head). And then just everyday life as a parent, where I find the need for something to organize our lives, I will design or invent a new product.

My magnetic week planners are a must for every family.It will change your life in terms of organization. My personal favourite is the wall art products for kids bedrooms. It's a beautiful, striking range, perfectly suited for young taste. Designed in a soft pastel color palette for a mix and match collection.

I hope these products will fire the imagination of little ones to make up interesting stories about each character.